Minty Badger Productions



Minty Badger Productions is a marriage between professional craftmanship and a true love for the cinematic arts. This core philosophy allows us to create bespoke corporate videos that strike the right balance between character and professionalism and ensures we are just as passionate about a project as the client.


Outside of corporate ventures, Minty Badger produces its own line of independent films that provide a testing ground for new ideas, development of technique and an opportunity to shine a spotlight on local upcoming talent. With a resume that spans music videos, promotions, tutorials and theatrical adaptations, Minty Badger Productions can and will rise to any challenge a client requests. 

Minty Badger’s very own Sam Reynolds is an energetic and dynamic independent Film Maker, beginning his professional career in the Entertainment and Media Industry.  

For Sam the art of visual storytelling has been a life-long passion. Having cut his teeth on amateur productions, Reynolds’ possesses a great tolerance and patience for non-professionals, the perfect temperament for working with clients inexperienced in front of a camera. Always willing to collaborate, but decisive when necessary, Reynolds’ ensures clients have a shoot that is productive, but fun.